QR Payment Solution

Contactless Technology Cashless Society with an excellent business fulfillment both online and offline with financial transactions directed from service providers and our partners.

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Comprehensive payment management system for exponential growth business

Buyers are assured of safety every time when purchasing and help businesses increase sales growth. Software has a real-time purchase notification system with higha accuracy

  • One-click check-out
  • QR Payment support
  • International standard
  • Realtime results
  • Traceable
  • Brand credibility
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Payment technology for business

Connect all transactions without borders with Everipay, a payment portal platform that brings together many services from our partners for you.

Response to every business lifestyle

From online merchants to large corporations, we are ready to provide professional services

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Connect all opportunities in the financial world.

QR Payment service, contactless technology, easy to use, instant results when making transactions with automatic notification system

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Develop digital solutions to response business organizations

We have many experts to advise on the development of digital solutions to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses, creating growth and having more sales

We also have CRM, ERP, Smart Retail and many other digital solutions to connect with the Payment Portal system that is a professional intermediary to connect solutions


Contactless Payment Technology Hub

Everipay is a hub that collects all payment gateway platforms for your business. It can be easily connected with just a few clicks to support all needs efficiently.

Payment Portal

We have connected payment partners for every business.

Developer API connection

Developers connect to the platform with API with just a few clicks.

High security

The system is highly secured by PCI DSS standards from AWS Cloud providers.


Easy to apply for services for all needs

Connect opportunities and grow together

For quality QR-Payment and Payment Gateway from Everipay, we offers modern services, time saving, risk reduction, fast and safe. Apply for the service easily and you can conduct financial transactions conveniently. Various services from us are ready to connect to all online platforms such as Line OA, CRM, ERP, POS, Facebook, Tiktok, Website, Lazada, Shopee, and many more

Experienced team for more than 10 years with financial technology from service providers and Everipay platform that are ready to drive all types of business along with financial institutions that officially support the business to grow together according to international standards